State and County Real Estate Tax Sale Manual


The definitive guide to tax sale investing

Product Description

State and County Real Estate Tax Sale Manual

Used to Find, Bid, and Profit at County Tax Sales

Get this step-by-step, practical guide to grabbing unwanted properties from the owner before the tax sale,

And completely bypassing auctions, waiting, and competitive bidding!

Learn how to use the public records to your advantage to buy and sell tax liens, tax deeds and avoid competitive auctions!

Manual includes:

  • Easy To Read State Statutes Governing Tax Liens And Tax Deed Sales For The State
  • Techniques – Ideas – Concepts – And Formulas To Acquire Tax Liens And Tax Deed Specific To That State!

As a bonus:

  • Form Letters That Work Including:
    • Sample letter to use to contact owners
    • Sample tax sale notice letter
    • Sample tax sale capital loss offer letter
  • A complete list of who to contact
    • In a comma-delimited file, which you can import to the database of your choice.
  • Tax Sale Directory for Every County in the State
    • Which includes:
      • Department
      • Address
      • Phone
      • Web address
      • Email (if provided)
      • If they provide an electronic list
      • Auction dates
      • Publication phone number, website and publication date
      • Notes regarding the county list of surplus property
  • Tropical Island Tax Sale

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